BizDevAllStars Market Analysis and Access to Market Strategy Report for Tosçelik

We conducted a market analysis of Great Britain and Germany and recommended an access strategy for Tosçelik Profil ve Sac A.Ş. of Tosyalı Holding. We prepared surveys for the reporting, planned and conducted online meeting with the current and potential customers in the region, established strategy frameworks with Blue Ocean Strategy regarding the findings supported with desk-based research, and designed BizDevAllStarts exploration funnels.

Business Development Support in BizDevAllStarts Marketing for Google Turkey

Google Turkey team to the B2B marketing consultant with Google’s AdWords use in our countries, the company provided support to expand the base and VEM project [Sectoral Digital Opportunities Project] and attempts have been made in increasing the use of sectoral AdWords product. In this context, marketing funnels were designed, channel development strategies were developed and regional events were organized.

BrandHit Practices for Kompass Turkey

Events were held at Chambers of Commerce and Industry institutions across 15 provinces in order to popularize the world’s first B2B portal, Kompass, across Turkey. We introduced Kompass, distributed trial cards and promotional materials, and collected data of participant potential customers.

Project Management Support to WYG Turkey

We presented project management support between 2016-2017 for WYG Turkey, which executes the EU projects, and we supported training activities conducted in Afyon, Manisa, Uşak, and Kütahya under the coordination of Zafer Development Agency.

Hands-on Training for IMMIB Members

We have conducted monthly training seminars with Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association regularly since 2013. In this regard, we present hands-on training on “Techniques to Find Customer in the Foreign Market”, “International Market and Market Surveys” and “Digital Marketing Techniques” to IMMIB-member companies.