Major Brands Think Global!

Did you meet new systems in exportation?

A new economic order was created by introducing digital practices to every sectors in the world from education, health, agriculture, and construction to machinery, textiles, furniture, and automobiles: Digital Economy

The sustainable rivalry is only possible in this new economic order with our ability to hand our routine processes over to robots.

We can adapt to the rules of digital economy and expand our business only if we continue to reduce costs by increasing our productivity regularly.

We present you professional services that your company can export, and at a minimum cost. We work with you to prepare the digital infrastructure you need as your company transitions

We review your current infrastructure with an innovative approach by means of this 6- step system. We then support you with foreign correspondences via our professional e-exportation consultation service.

Team Organization/Orientation

Publishing job advertisements according to the personnel requirements, conducting testing and interviews,  training new personel, providing regular support through consultation

Corporate Promotion System

Value proposition, presenting slogan and golden square, corporate identity materials, web content development, preparing new, and improving upon current promotion brochure and introduction films

Market Research

Preparing international marketing surveys regarding your products and expectations, Identifying target/rival markets, Netting tax and procedural issues

Digital System Infrastructure

Professional registrations to the B2B market places, proper installation to the social media, cloud infrastructure, Preparing digital automation infrastructure, digital flow and e-CRM

Brand Positioning

Creating a strategy framework of the brand,implementing degrade, upgrade, eliminate, and invent approaches, positioning the brand in the international market

Customer Contact

Improving vectorial marketing strategies funneling practices and exploration activities,  Determination of customer groups, Preparing digital marketing strategies and close contact

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