If A Brand's Logo Is Born with Pride, That Brand Is Major.

Can the story of your brand become a success story?

Each brand has a success story in their own way without a doubt. However, only a handful of these stories ever become global legends.

Major brands appreciate creating concepts, storytelling, and striking an emotional chord with its customers.

Major brands do not compete. They instead create their own markets. They are aware that promoting your work well is as important as doing it well.

Brand Positioning

A tight concept starts with correct positioning. During the first stage, we will examine the positions of current brands in the market and analyze their approach styles. Then, we will conduct a SWOT analysis for your brand and form its Strategy Framework. We will bring a very different stance for your brand as a result of these initiatives. This difference will set you apart from everyone else.

Concept Development

At this stage, our mission is to reflect your brand’s difference to your customers. We will prepare a strong slogan, create a cool branding statement that you can use throughout all of your marketing channels,select comprehensive index sentences which are unique to each page in your website, convert all your written content into marketing language, review your illustrations, write your brand manifesto together with you.

Revision of Your Marketing Tools

Strong communication can only be measured with well-designed promotion materials. We will make it easier to express your difference with an impressive catalog and digital promotion tools, a spectacular display book, sound sales samples, and a good website.

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