You Set Your Targets.. We Will Bring You and Your Target Audience Together.

Mailings, banners, phone calls, meetings, questionnaires…

How much time does your target audience spare you? Can you really draw their attention? Do you know what they think, how they feel about you, and what they expect?

The most effective way to advertise your brand to potential customers is to communicate with them face-to-face, that is, showing them what makes you unique in an interesting way and establishing a special bond with them.

BizDevAllStars brings you directly to your target audienceth with Brand Hit events, teaches them the usage areas of your products, reinforces the belief in your brand and gives you new portfolios. It establishes the right communication with the right target audience wherever it goes.

Pre-assessment Meeting

We hold joint meetings with your brand representatives and brainstorm about the purposes, targets, benefits, general structure, and format of our seminar series. We collect information about your brand’s products, services and target audience.

Developing Training Program

In the light of the collected information on your brand, products, and services, we find a project name and develop a hands-on training program flow pursuant to the targets of the project.

We share this name and flow with you, and get your approval. Then, we prepare the project’s logo alternatives, project website and training programs. We talk about what makes your products and services unique and how and where to use them. Our aim is to have target audience experience your products.


We present the logo alternatives prepared for the project, social media accounts, training presentations, training practices, training book, certificate formats, and assessment and evaluation tools for the end of program. We conduct the requested potential revisions and mold the program into its final form.

Finalizing the Tour Program

We decide the provinces to be included in training tour, search for the local connections in the provinces in question. We contact the collaboration institutions in the provinces included into the program, conduct the meetings, and inform your company of the seminar dates.


Our speaker visits the relevant provinces one by one, installs the visual materials, conducts the training, distributes your brand’s samples, assesses the customer experience, collects the user data, and conducts the evaluation activities. After each seminar, we report all the information, data, photographs and results to you in detail.


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