Expert Staff

We are ready to lift your brand together with our brand experts in their fields.

Brand Specific Approach

Every brand needs to be different. For this reason, we will first apply a needs analysis to your company and then focus directly on your needs and grow your brand.

Tracking and Support

We will support you in the implementation processes after the project we have done and we will be with you as you grow.

The Right Steps Make Your Brand Grow, Not the Years

Companies spend most of their time on the product, product development, service, or the production process. On the other hand, constantly growing, developing, and adapting to time, visionary brands consider many aspects.

Besides the basic processes, they also care about strategies, research, brand culture, action plans, training to improve themselves and opportunities in the foreign market. For all these, companies need to have an experienced team and spend long working hours…

And what if you don’t have a competent team or enough time to become a big brand?

That is when we step in. Our job is to ensure that you achieve your goals and save time with our professional team, each of them is a “brand” in their own field. To improve your brand with the most accurate steps and techniques while speeding up your works. To make your brand stand out among all your competitors, make you heard with digital strategies, analyze the market correctly, and show you the opportunities that nobody can see, understand the consumer, and the market… To make sure that you have a say not only in the domestic market but also in the foreign market…

BizDevAllStars is ready to support you with its expert advisory staff.

Berker Sarpaş, CEO
What We Do

Our Practice Areas


Millions of different customers mean millions of different expectations. So what is your is your target audience ? If your need is to reach the right target audience in a short time, the Funneling Method is on your side. Meet your potential customer.

Market Analysis

Where are you in a market full of risks and opportunities, that changes and transforms every day ? If you don’t know, No problem, we conduct market research and illuminate your way by using international databases of which we are a member.

Digital Marketing

Is your brand whispering or roaring? If your brand does not have a resounding market share in the category despite all your efforts, let’s create your digital marketing strategy together and carry your brand into the future for better opportunities.


If a brand’s logo carries with pride, that brand is big. Whisper your brand name to consumers and ask them to close their eyes. If your logo and corporate colors do not come to life within seconds, leave the design work to us and our expert design team.

BizDevAllStars Trainings

On the way to your goals, we are ready to update your knowledge with our difference-making legislation and strategy trainings and introduce you to new methods that will carry you to success. Check out our online and offline trainings.

Export Consulting

We review your export infrastructure with an innovative approach and grow together with our export consultancy service consisting of 6 steps so that you can cross your borders and reach the whole world. Try our strategic options to grow.

Our Success

Sample Cases

Let the Experts Do the Job.

Those who love what it is they do always succeed.
We are ready to be by your side with our expert and diverse staff of 34 people to carry you to the end and beyond.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The BizDevAllStars team consists of successful and renowned expert names that serve important tasks in different sectors. They are well-known names that have proven themselves with their projects that have been sounding for many years. To entrust your brand to BizDevAllStars means to deliver it not to a person but to a multi-faceted team of different experts.

Reasonable. Although the experts in our team are star names that direct large-scale and global companies, we adopt an affordable price policy and aim to reach everyone in need at reasonable prices. Because we do not see your brand as a project that needs improvement but we see your brand as our career partner.

We start the solution with a problem. By taking the first step with the needs analysis, we identify the problem or needs of your brand. Together with our experts, we create a solution map and determine a strategic route after the analysis. Then a journey that will grow your brand starts with clear goals.

“BizDev” called BizDevAllStars is the international abbreviation of “Business Development”, that is, the expression of business development. “Stars” also means stars, representing our expert team members who are starred in their field. Because our goal is to star your brand with the star players of the business development field.

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